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Estrumate 20ml
Cloprostenol is a synthetic prostaglandin analogue structurally related to Prostaglandin F2α (PGF2α), for use in cattle and horses. As a potent luteolytic agent it causes functional and morphological regression of the corpus luteum (luteolysis) in cattle and horses followed by return to oestrus and normal ovulation. Note There is a refractory period of four to five days after ovulation...
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Oxytocin-S 25ml
Injections of Oxytocin-S will initiate strong, regular and purposeful contractions of the uterine muscle especially in the later stages of pregnancy and post-partum. Oxytocin-S evokes the 'let down' of milk The absence of vasopressor and antidiuretic effects make Oxytocin-S particularly suitable for obstetric use (stimulation of parturition, promotion of uterine involution and control of post-partum...
£10.35 ex VAT
Acegon 20ml
Indicated for the treatment of ovarian follicular cysts in cattle (cows and heifers) and in association with artificial insemination to optimise the time of ovulation. Induction and synchronisation of oestrus and ovulation in combination with prostaglandin F2α (PGF2α) with or without progesterone as part of Fixed Time Artificial Insemination (FTAI) protocols: In cycling cows. To be...
£37.30 ex VAT
Prellim 0.075 mg/ml Injection 20ml
Indicated for the synchronisation or induction of oestrus and the induction of parturition in cattle. Also indicated for use in ovarian dysfunction (persistent corpus luteum, luteal cysts), interruption of pregnancy including foetal mummification, endometritis/pyometra and delayed uterine involution. Indicated for the induction of parturition in pigs.
£37.75 ex VAT
CIDR 10pk
CIDR is presented as a T shaped device consisting of a progesterone impregnated silicone elastomer moulded over an inert nylon spine. For the control of the oestrous cycle in cycling cows and heifers. To be used in combination with prostaglandin F2α or analogue. NOT SUPPLIED WITH APPLICATOR. For CIDR Applicator click here.
£112.20 ex VAT
Receptal - 10ml
For the treatment of infertility of ovarian origin and improvement of pregnancy rate in cows. For the synchronisation of oestrus in dairy cows and for reducing the calving to conception interval in these cows when used in conjunction with a PGF 2α analogue with luteolytic activity as part of a 10 day fixed time insemination regime. To induce ovulation of a mature follicle and thereby to synchronise...
£14.90 ex VAT
Chorulon 1500iu 5pk
Uses The active ingredient of Chorulon, human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (hCG), is a complex glycoprotein with luteinising hormone (LH) activity. In the female, hCG can be used to promote maturation of the follicle, ovulation and the formation of the corpus luteum. In the male, Chorulon stimulates the production of testosterone and thus influences the development and maintenance of primary and secondary...
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Reprocine Injection 50ml
A long-acting oxytocin analogue used to promote expulsion of cleansings and milk let down in fresh-calved cows. Cow: -Uterine atony during the puerperal period -Placental retention as a consequence of uterine atony -Initiation of milk ejection in stress-induced agalactia or in conditions requiring udder emptying Sow: -Uterine atony during the puerperal period -Supportive therapy of mastitis-metritis-agalactia...
£50.55 ex VAT
Ovarelin Injection 10ml
For the treatment of repeat breeding syndrome. A repeat breeding cow or heifer is an animal that has been inseminated at least 2 or 3 times without becoming pregnant, despite having regular normal oestrus cycles (18 – 24 days), normal oestrus behaviour and no clinical abnormalities of the reproductive tract
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£3.93 ex VAT
CIDR Applicator each
Applicator for use with CIDR.
£13.31 ex VAT
Estrotect Brush each
 Designed for rapid removal of loose hair, dirt, sand and sawdust prior to the application of Estrotect Heat Detectors. With strong rubber anti-static bristles and a steel shaft for durability and strength.
£15.71 ex VAT
Estrotect Heat Pack 50 pk
 Self-adhesive Heat Detectors with a scratch-off surface which is removed via friction each time a cow is mounted. This gradual removal indicates the advancing stages of heat, the more colour that is showing the closer the cow is to standing heat and less chance of an incorrect false positive (cows not in heat) Easy to use and convenient to apply and economical for all weather heat detection
£47.13 ex VAT
Kamar Glue each
Instant bond on contact High strength Low odour
£8.11 ex VAT
Kamar Heat Detection 25pk
Beacon style pressure sensitive device, a valuable heat detection aid that assists in identifying cows ready for artificial breeding.
£24.36 ex VAT
Prid Applicator
Speculum to assist in insertion of the Prid intra-vaginal device.
£18.75 ex VAT
PRID Delta 10pk
For the control of the œstrus cycle in cows and heifers including: - Synchronisation of œstrus in cycling cattle. To be used in combination with a prostaglandin (PGF2a). - Induction and synchronisation of œstrus in non cycling cattle. To be used in combination with a prostaglandin and equine chorionic gonadotrophin (eCG, in the past called PMSG).
£115.26 ex VAT