Kexxtone 5 pack

Kexxtone 5 pack
Kexxtone 5 packKexxtone 5 pack


An intraruminal device containing monensin for the reduction in the incidence of ketosis in the peri-parturient dairy cow/heifer which is expected to develop ketosis.

Supplied with a handy tracking chart to record cow number, administration date, bolus serial number and any notes.


One bolus per animal 3-4 weeks prior to expected calving, using an appropriate bolus gun.

Kexxtone delivers an approximate average dose of 335 mg of monensin per day for approximately 95 days.

Not for use in animals weighing less than 300kg bodyweight.

Bolus Gun also available at Farmacy

Identification of animals for treatment should be at veterinary discretion. Risk factors may include a history of energy-deficiency-related diseases, high body condition score and parity.

Follow instructions carefully.

Adequate animal restraint is required to properly administer this intraruminal device. Such restraint must limit forward/backward motion and allow the animal's head to be held in the forward extended position and without pressure on the neck to prevent choking.

1. Each intraruminal device has an individual number along the device body. This should be recorded with the corresponding animal identification number so that, should an intraruminal device be regurgitated, the animal can be identified.
2. Fold wings down along the intraruminal device body and insert the device into an appropriate administration tool, orifice end first.
3. Restrain the animal with its head and neck stretched forward. Grasp the animal with one hand in the corner of the animal's mouth. Introduce the administration tool into the mouth avoiding the front teeth. In order to avoid trauma and damage to the pharynx and oesophagus, do not use excessive force.
4. Insert the administration tool past the base of the tongue making sure to avoid the molar teeth. As the animal swallows, the administration tool will move easily over the base of the tongue. DO NOT USE EXCESSIVE FORCE. If resistance is encountered, withdraw the tool slightly and repeat the procedure.
5. Be sure the head of the administration tool is past the base of the tongue. When the animal swallows, eject the intraruminal device from the administration tool.

Hold treated cattle in a confined area for 1 hour after administration to observe for failure to swallow or regurgitation. If this occurs re-administer the intraruminal device if undamaged. If damaged, administer a new intraruminal device. Recheck cattle for up to 4 days after dosing to observe for signs of an intraruminal device lodging in the oesophagus.

Signs of lodging may include bloat which may be followed by coughing, drooling, inappetence and unthriftiness. 

Milk & Meat: zero days

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