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Umbilical Cord Clip 10 pack
A double grip clamp to help reduce the risk of infection and reduce heavy bleeding. Using clips reduces the need for spray and antibiotics. Suitable for calves and lambs.   Read More
£7.55 ex VAT
17g x 0.5" luer needles 12pk
17g x 0.5" needles for pig injections Read More
£6.67 ex VAT
no image available
Calf Feeding Bottle (Grey Teat) each
Vented to bottle feed calves. Read More
£9.14 ex VAT
Copper Bull Ring 2.5 inch
Copper bull ring 2.5" Read More
£10.73 ex VAT
Copper Bull Ring 3 inch
3" Copper Bull Ring Read More
£13.51 ex VAT
Bull Ring Applicator
Out of stock with no due date. 
Used for applying copper rings to the nose of bulls. The bull ring is used to help control a bull whilst being led either from one place to another or duiring a show where the bull must be led and under control at all times. Read More
Tail Tape
Instant visual aid for cows under observation. Bright, reliable tapes for economical identification. 50M of tape in Blue, Green, Red, White, Yellow, Brown or Black. Read More
£6.68 ex VAT