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Delivered direct from manufacturer
Elevate is formulated to address the burden that mastitis, lameness and fertility issues place on farm resources and income. Designed to ensure the rumen is working properly to extract the maximum energy from the diet, provide the tools for maintaining teat health and hoof function and increase trace... Read More
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Delivered direct from manufacturer
Immunate focuses on enhancing the immune response of the dairy calf and cow. Results in calves Fewer cases of scours observed Reduced duration of diarrhoea Increased growth performance Results in cows Better colostrum quality Less variable manure Improved immune function Immunate is... Read More
From £364.25 ex VAT
Mycosorb A+ FarmPak
Delivered direct from manufacturer - can take up to 5 working days for delivery
Mycotoxins are produced from moulds and can occur in the filed, during harvest, drying and storage or in processed raw materials. Moulds produce mycotoxins under stressful conditions, for example hot or cold temperatures, pH level, high moisture, drought, flooding and in the presence of oxygen. Mycosorb... Read More
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Delivered direct from manufacturer
Rumenate is a complementary feed ideal for mixing into TMR or sprinkling onto the daily ration and is designed to: Promote rumen efficiency and diet utilisation Maximise dry matter intake - closing the 'energy gap' during early lactation and restoring energy balance post-calving Help decrease the... Read More
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Yea-Sacc FarmPak
Delivered direct from manufacturer
The 'Beef Challenge' is a term used to describe the 3 critical issues affecting profitability. 1. Maximise Daily Liveweight Gain (DLG)2. Produce this beef cheaper3. Increase meat yield and grading quality Yea-Sacc is suitable for use in total mixed ration systems (TMR) or in diet feeders and in independent... Read More
From £244.75 ex VAT