Foot Care


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Intra Repiderma 250ml
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An antibiotic free, micronised powder aerosol spray for the skin and hoof to promote healing, prevent infection and protect the skin. Suitable for use on dairy cattle, horses, sheep, pigs and even poultry and game birds. Read More
Provita Energy Plus 1L
a nutritional supplement providing an instantly available energy source to cows with ketosis. It contains energy sources that can be rapidly converted to glucose in the liver, supplying high levels of blood sugar without the harmful over production of Ketone bodies. Cobalt and B12 also counteract deficiencies... Read More
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Ritchey Foot Care Cleanse Spray
A footcare and cleansing spray from Ritchey that serves as a useful, general purpose, alcohol based cleansing spray suitable for all types of animal husbandry. Navels should be sprayed as soon as possible after birth and allowed to dry before turnout. Comes in a 500ml aerosol spray canister. Suitable... Read More
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