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Intra Repiderma 250ml
An antibiotic free, micronised powder aerosol spray for the skin and hoof to promote healing, prevent infection and protect the skin. Suitable for use on dairy cattle, horses, sheep, pigs and even poultry and game birds. Read More
£13.53 ex VAT
Ritchey Foot Care Cleanse Spray
A footcare and cleansing spray from Ritchey that serves as a useful, general purpose, alcohol based cleansing spray suitable for all types of animal husbandry. Navels should be sprayed as soon as possible after birth and allowed to dry before turnout. Comes in a 500ml aerosol spray canister. Suitable... Read More
£5.34 ex VAT
Spasmium Injection 100ml
Cattle, horses, pigs, dogs: Treatment of spasms or sustained increased tonus of smooth muscles of the gastro-intestinal tract or of the urine and bile excretory organs associated with pain. Horses only: Spasmodic colics. Cattle, pigs, dogs only: As supportive therapy for acute diarrhoea. Read More
£38.55 ex VAT
Bisolvon 10mg/g Oral Powder 5g x 40 pack
An aid to the treatment of respiratory disease in cattle and pigs, where mucus is a complicating factor. Read More
£84.95 ex VAT
Stresnil 100ml
Stresnil is a neuroleptic sedative for pigs, to be used for the treatment of: 1.Aggression -prevention of fighting;                          -treatment of aggression in sows. 2.Stress,... Read More
£56.15 ex VAT