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AgriCure Calci-Support 5L
Broad mineral range to aid bone growth, egg shell formation and general health. Read More
£25.16 ex VAT
AgriCure D3 Liquid 5 Litres
A complementary feedling-stuff containing vitamin D3 for strategic use in poultry.  Support for leg weakness, skeletal mineralisation and Ca absorption in the gut. Reduces the probability of leg weakness and bone development issues, Read More
£25.90 ex VAT
AgriCure ElectroVit Extra
A complementary feeding-stuff containing a blend of vitamins and electrolytes for strategic use in all poultry and game birds. Contains dietary nucleotides to help support healthy growth and vitality. Nutritional support, designed for use without meds, for decreased water consumption, electrolyte imbalance,... Read More
£28.56 ex VAT
AgriCure Energy 5L
A complementary feeding-stuff for poultry and game birds to help maintain energy supply to birds during periods of low feed intake due to stress or disease challenge. Also aids in reduction of risk of reduced liver function due to fat build up.   Read More
£30.49 ex VAT
AgriCure HydroVit 5L
A complementary feeding-stuff for poultry and game birds containing a unique blend of energy vitamins and electrolytes with added dietary nucleotides to hlep support health and vitality. Reduces mortality due to heat stress. Reduces day old mortality  Quick uptake of electrolytes by energy driven... Read More
£34.09 ex VAT
AgriCure Multivit Extra
As part of a general growth program, following disease challenge, feed/diet change, transportation, following vaccinations or during key growth stages. Read More
From £15.00 ex VAT
AgriCure Prebiotic Spectrum 5L
A complementary vitamin supplement for strategic use in poultry and game bird production systems; containing natural antioxidants and fibres to help support strong growth and to encourage a healthy gut flora. Recommended for use for chicks/poults from day 4 of life to 2-5 days following vaccination,... Read More
£44.85 ex VAT