Orbeseal 120pk

Orbeseal 120pk
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Orbeseal is indicated for the prevention of new intramammary infections throughout the dry period in cattle. In cows likely to be free of sub-clinical mastitis, Orbeseal can be used on its own in dry cow management and mastitis control.

In cows that may have sub-clinical mastitis, Orbeseal may be used following administration of a suitable dry cow antibiotic treatment to the infected quarter.

Selection of cows for treatment with Orbeseal should be based on veterinary clinical judgement. Selection criteria may be based on the mastitis and cell count history of individual cows, or recognized tests for the detection of sub-clinical mastitis or bacteriological sampling.

Infuse the contents of one syringe of Orbeseal into each udder quarter immediately after the last milking of the lactation (at drying off). Do not massage the teat or udder after infusion of the product.
It is essential that the teat is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with surgical spirit or alcohol-impregnated wipes. The teats should be wiped until the wipes are no longer visibly dirty. Teats should be allowed to dry prior to infusion. Infuse aseptically and take care to avoid contamination of the syringe nozzle. Following infusion it is advisable to use an appropriate teat dip or spray.

Meat: Zero days Milk: Zero days

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