Calfs Choice Colostrum 700g

Calfs Choice Colostrum 700g
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A high quality and convenient delivery of essential elements only found in bovin colostrum to optimise your calf's genetic potential, to maintain health and optimise growth.

The colostrum is heat treated, spray dried and agglomerated into an instant mix powder which can be used to supplement or replace maternal colostrum in calves.

  • Natural bovinv colostrum - not manufactured formula based on whey or eggs
  • High in Bovine Glogulin Protein - a broad spectrum of essential clostral proteins
  • High in Colostral Fat - important energy source required by calves immediately after birth
  • Safe and effective - free of disease causing organisms, tested for safety and efficacy
  • Sourced in Scotland - EBL free
  • Convenient - easily mxes in under 5 seconds
  • 3 year shelf life
  • Natural colostrum contains natural growth factors and hormones, essential to ptimising growth
  • Contains lactoferrin, lysosome and lactoperoxidase, essential to maintain health
  • Colostrum fat is a carrier of vitamins and nutrients, essential to optimise growth
  • Colostrum fat plays an important role in brown fat metabolism which is an energy source for heat generation

To Replace or Supplement Maternal Colostrum with CCT

Number of Packages  Amount of Water  Final Volume  Feeding purpose
0.5 (350 g)  625 mL  925 mL  Supplement
1.0 (700 g)  1.25 mL  1.85 mL  Adequate Replacer or Supplement
1.5 (1050 g)  1.8 L  2.8 L  Adequate Replacer
2 (1400 g)  2.5 L  3.7 L  Excellent Replacer



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