Ivomec Injection for Pigs 500ml

Ivomec Injection for Pigs 500ml
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For the treatment and control of gastro-intestinal roundworms, lungworms, lice and mange mites of pigs.

IVOMEC Injection for Pigs at the recommended dose rate of 300 micrograms ivermectin per kg bodyweight provides effective control against the following parasites of pigs:

Gastro-intestinal roundworms (adult and fourth-stage larvae): Ascaris suum, Hyostrongylus rubidus, Oesophagostomum spp. and adult and somatic larval stages of Strongyloides ransomi.

Lungworms: Metastrongylus spp. (adults).

Lice: Haematopinus suis.

Mites: Sarcoptes scabiei var. suis.

IVOMEC Injection for Pigs may also be used as an aid in control of adult whipworm (Trichuris suis).

Dosage 1 ml per 33 kg bodyweight (based on a recommended dosage rate of 300 micrograms ivermectin per kg bodyweight).

Administration IVOMEC Injection for Pigs should be injected subcutaneously into the neck.

Use the following dosage table:

Bodyweight (kg) Dose Volume (ml)
8 0.25
8-16 0.5
17-33 1.0
34-50 1.5
51-66 2.0
67-99 3.0
100-133 4.0
134-166 5.0
167-200 6.0
Over 200 kg bodyweight, give 1.0 ml per 33 kg bodyweight.

The injection may be given with any standard automatic or single-dose or hypodermic syringe. Use of 17 gauge x ½ inch needle is suggested. Replace with a fresh sterile needle after every 10 to 12 animals. Injection of wet or dirty animals is not recommended. Syringes must be filled from the vial through a dry, sterile draw-off needle that has been placed in the vial stopper. Vial stoppers must not be broached more than 20 times. In young pigs, especially those weighing under 16kg for which less than 0.5ml of the product is indicated, dosing accuracy is important. The use of a syringe that can accurately deliver increments of 0.1ml is recommended. For piglets weighing less than 16kg give 0.1ml/3kg. When treating pigs of less than 16kg seek veterinary advice regarding the use of 1ml disposable syringes graduated in increments of 0.1ml. Recommended Treatment Programme

Breeding Animals At the time of initiating any parasite control programme, it is important to treat all breeding animals in the herd. After the initial treatment use regularly as follows:

Sows: Treat 7-14 days prior to farrowing

Gilts: Treat 7-14 days prior to service Treat 7-14 days prior to farrowing

Boars: Boars are an important source of infestation of mange. Treat at least twice a year.

Arrivals and transfers: Treat on arrival and isolate for 7-10 days before mixing with the rest of the herd.

The above programme is a guide for effective parasite control using IVOMEC Injection for Pigs. Alternatively, control can be achieved by treating the whole herd at six monthly intervals.

Fatteners: Treat before placement in clean quarters.

Note (1) For effective mange control, care must be taken to prevent reinfestation from exposure to untreated animals or contaminated facilities. Note (2) Since louse eggs are unaffected by ivermectin and may take up to three weeks to hatch, re-treatment may be necessary.

Pig meat: 19 days.

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