Store & Thaw - Colostrum Pasteuriser & Thaw System

Heifers who have a good start in life perform better in terms of reproduction and milk yield which is a priority for any dairy farmer. The foundations are laid in the first 6 hours of life by feeding a good quality colostrum.

No other supplement has as much impact on a calf’s life as its first colostrum feed. Handling it correctly and in a timely fashion results in less antibiotic usage, improved mortality and stronger healthier calves.

The Store & Thaw colostrum management system gives the farmer the tools to manage his colostrum protocol.

The colostrum is harvested and tested with a refractometer which allows the best quality sample to be bagged and frozen. 

Each time a cow calves the frozen bag (5L) can be dropped into an agitated water bath. The pre-set thermostat stops the colostrum from overheating (31C-32C). Colostrum can be brought to feeding temperature in as little as 20 minutes.

The Store and Thaw Kit comprises of:

Store and Thaw Water Bath

  • Double walled insulated plastic water bath with drainage tap and lid
  • 2 stainless steel baskets
  • Water heater controlled by digital thermostat accurate to with 0.3C
  • Audible timer
  • Circulator to eliminate ‘hot spots’

Store and Thaw Storage Kit

  • Brix Refractometer
  • 5L Colostrum bags and caps x40
  • Stainless steel bracket (wall mounted)
  • Jug and funnel with wide bore
  • Freezer labels x150
  • Pen
  • Plastic freezer baskets x2
  • Thermometer

27th January 2021

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