Suspected Adverse Reactions

The adverse reaction reporting scheme is run by the VMD and is used to collect information from veterinary professionals and the general public on suspected adverse reactions to veterinary medicines. The VMD collect reports on both licensed and unlicensed veterinary medicines, and human medicines used to treat animals. The information that you provide can help to improve the safe and effective use of veterinary medicines.

It might be useful, although not essential, to have the product, its packaging or the package leaflet that came with it with you when you fill out this report. Your report can be submitted without any additional information, but if you are able to provide further details, these can be added in the final section of the report.

All suspected adverse events should be reported to the VMD using form MLA 252A - more commonly known as the ‘yellow form'. You must use this form,which can be downloaded from the VMD website, when a suspected adverse reaction is observed in animals or humans during or after the use of a veterinary medicine. 

You can also call the VMD helpline on 01932 338427 or email them at