7th August 2020
URGENT: Refrigerated Delivery Update

Updated 07/08/2020

We are still experiencing some delays to deliveries, so we will continue with the delivery schedule below to ensure that any orders with temperature sensitive products arrive with you in excellent condition.

Due to the opening up of lockdown restrictions, we have been informed that our courier service cannot currently guarantee next day delivery from the point of collection due to the increased volume of consignments along with following social distancing guidelines for staff. This is the same for all couriers presently, causing unfortunate delays. With this in mind we need to make a few changes to the way we dispatch orders.

With immediate effect (30th June 2020) for at least 1 month, we will only be dispatching refrigerated orders (orders containing vaccines or other temperature sensitive items) Monday to Wednesday. Please can you bear this in mind when ordering and build in some extra time to ensure that you receive your medicines when required.

We will also be packaging your orders with extra cooling and packaging to ensure that your orders arrive in excellent condition. This may mean you having multiple vaccine boxes rather than it all arriving in one box, but our delivery charges remain unchanged.


  1. For a refrigerated product to be dispatched on/by Wednesday, we need to receive the order, prescription and payment no later than 4pm on a Tuesday for dispatch the following day.
  2. If you do not use our prescription request service, please can you make sure that the prescription from your vet includes withdrawal periods, (even if they are zero), and that they email a copy to by the time stated above. Incorrect prescriptions may hold up the dispatch of your order.
  3. Any orders received after 4pm on a Tuesday that contain refrigerated items will not be dispatch until the following Monday, since we do not hold any stock.
  4. We will continue to dispatch orders without refrigerated items Monday - Friday, but delivery may take longer than usual.

We understand that this is not ideal, but feel this new dispatch schedule will ensure that Farmacy continue to provide the high level of service that you have come to expect from us.

Please contact us if you have any questions or queries.

24th July 2020
2020 Blowfly Alert

According to NADIS the UK is now at High or Severe risk of fly strike.

Last update 15th July: A large and growing blowfly population and warm wet summer weather create the perfect recipe for high fly risk, particularly for lambs. Early in the year most strikes occur around the back end of sheep - but as the season progresses the risk of body strike grows - so care is needed to look out for the early signs and treat it quickly.

In the UK, strike is caused primarily by the green bottle fly, Lucilia, which seeks decomposing matter to lay her eggs. Carcasses, dirty backends, foot rot lesions and open wounds are all good candidates for egg laying sites.Blowfly strike has a serious impact on the welfare of sheep within the UK, as well as having a major impact on productivity. Figures from 2015 suggests blowfly strike costs the sheep industry £2.2 million per year.

Losses are incurred from:


  • Loss in productivity (weight loss and decreased milk yield)
  • Fleece damage
  • Deaths
  • Treatment costs; including product, labour and time

Flocks should be carefully checked at least once a day throughout the blowfly season to look for any signs of blowfly strike. It is often necessary to handle animals and part the fleece to fully appreciate the extent of disease.

Early signs of strike

  • Irritation
  • Nibbling at tail head
  • Increased swishing of tails
  • Rubbing
  • Further signs of discomfort in lame animals

Signs of Severe Strike

  • Discoloured/damp fleece
  • Fleece loss
  • Separation from flock
  • Sick animals
  • Death (due septicaemia from secondary bacterial infection and release of toxins)

To prevent Blowfly strike, the following steps are recommended:

Discuss with your vet or SQP the most appropriate product, based on labour resources, age of your lambs during the risk period, withdrawal periods and anticipated slaughter dates

  • Reduce dirty backends - Dagging, crutching and timely shearing are all important.
  • Tail docking lambs is a debated but accepted procedure to reduce strike in lowland flocks.
  • Control worm burdens. Discuss with your vet an appropriate faecal egg counting and parasite control plan.
  • Treat lame sheep promptly. Flies are attracted to wounds caused by footrot.
  • Manage the fly population: Reducing the fly population early in the year has the greatest impact on the fly challenge during the grazing season

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9th July 2020

Although it only feels like 5 minutes ago that the Huskvac season began, we've been advised that the last batch of Huskvac for this season will have an expiry a date of 18th August 2020. 

If you are ordering for primary vaccination, two doses at a dosage interval of approximately 4 weeks, then you should place your order no later than 20th July. If you have appropriate fridge space, then you should order your first and 2nd dose together.

If you only require a single dose for re-vaccination, then please place your order no later than 10th August 2020.

Please also bear in mind that we are currently dispatching vaccines Monday to Wednesday only, so the sooner you order the better.

Don't forget we also have Multi-Buy discounts available, so please call the office on 01306 628215 for best prices.


6th May 2020
Product Availability Update

We wanted to make everyone aware that the following products are now back in stock.

Betamox 150mg/ml 

Betamox LA 150mg/ml


We have also been advised that Orbenin LA will hopefully be available again within the next 2 weeks.

Watch this space for more news on product availability.


1st May 2020
Delivery Update for May

We have some great news regarding our medicine deliveries. From Monday 4th May our wholesaler will be delivering to us daily. I can tell you that there was great excitement in the office when we received this news.

Why is this news? It means that are delivery lead-time will revert to our standard 2 working days from receipt of an order. (This lead-time is dependent on receiving a correctly completed prescription from your vet. If this is delayed, your delivery will take longer.)

The team at Dawes Farm have been absolute stars getting orders out over the period when we were only receiving deliveries every other working day, which sometimes meant only 2 deliveries a week.

I also have to say that all of our Farmacy customers have been incredibly understanding and patient during this difficult time – we thank you!

So, apart from the products that are out of stock due to manufacturing issues, we are back to normal for now.

We do want to remind you that we still have the 2 May bank holidays that will be upon us soon.

The office will be closed on Friday 8th May and Monday 25th May, so please bear that in mind when ordering.

You can continue to order online, but orders received on those days will not be processed until we return to the office the following day.

If you need something urgently whilst we are closed, please speak to your vet practice who should be able to help you.



24th April 2020
Product update: Bovi-bond Glue

Bovi-bond glue is now available in a bigger size (210cc) at a lower price of £22.35. The mixing tips are sold in packs of 10 separately, at 89p per pack, which is still cheaper than the old pack that included the mixing tips – winner!

That’s the good news.

Unfortunately, the different size requires a new applicator gun, but that is also much cheaper than the old gun at £38.00.

For those of you who already own the Bovi-bond glue gun we have added a product that does fit that applicator, and is used by the Westpoint foot trimmers – Cowsfeet Trimmers Choice adhesive.

So, the choice is yours:

Update your kit to continue to use Bovi-bond glue

Stick with your old Bovi-bond applicator and change to Cowsfeet Trimmers Choice adhesive


22nd April 2020
Update on supply of Tetra Delta and Synulox LC

We have recently received an update from Zoetis regarding supply of Tetra Delta and Synulox LC which we wanted to pass onto all of our customers.

As previously advised, both products are currently out of stock and the expected date for new supply has now been extended due to the COVID-19 outbreak which has unfortunately affected their efforts to reinstate these products.

Sadly this now means that we now do not anticipate Tetra Delta or Synulox LC returning to the market before the fourth quarter of this year, although this is subject to confirmation.

We will continue to keep you up to date with any changes as we receive them. We appreciate and thank you for your patience and apologise for the inconvenience and concern these challenges are causing.

Please speak to your vet regarding alternatives.


19th March 2020
Medicines Delivery delays

We are sorry to advise that our lead times for delivery will be longer than usual, as our stock deliveries have been changed from daily to every other working day. We expect that the turn around will now be 3-4 working days depending on the day of the week that you place your order with us. 

While we can. We will continue to allow collections from our Warnham office. The only change is that you will need to call us on the day that you are collecting to arrange a specific collection time and get confirmation of the collection location. Smaller orders will be left in the out of hours box, but larger orders will still need to be picked up from the barn.

We are currently putting a plan into place to try to ensure stock availability, and to mitigate delays as much as we can.

From your perspective this makes it even more important that you forward plan your medicine requirements as much as possible, especially for vaccines where we CANNOT guarantee the normal 2 working day turnaround.

We also wanted to remind you that if you need emergency medicines, you should contact your vet practice directly.

We continue to monitor the situation, and will regularly update the website, social media and emails to those of you who are registered with us for marketing purposes. If you are not registered with us and would like to be kept up-to-date you can sign up here.

If you had previously opted out of receiving emails from us, but would like to opt back in, please send an email to confirming your name, email address and stating that you want to opt in to receive emails from us and we can then add you to our mailing list.

Alternatively, follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates.

We are committed to being here to support you and the health of the animals in your care. Thank you for your valued support and please do not hesitate to get in contact with us if you have any queries.

The Farmacy Team

17th March 2020
New Rispoval Intranasal Applicator Offer

There is a new applicator available for use with Rispoval Intranasal (RI), and we are happy to say that we can offer a free gun to customers who purchase Rispoval Intranasal from today.

The applicator now sprays the vaccine into the nose, and has a reusable guard to ensure correct placement for effective application.

This amazing offer is subject to availability, and a purchase of RI. Only one applicator per customer.


13th March 2020
We’re putting plans in place to minimise disruption during the Coronavirus outbreak

We wanted to update you on the steps that we are taking to help minimise the spread of COVID-19, and also to ensure uninterrupted medicine supply where possible. 

We are continuing to follow and monitor official guidance from the UK Government and Public Health England. We are putting protocols in place to ensure that we can deliver the usual standard of service to you whilst protecting the health and welfare of our staff.

We are busy working with our supplies of veterinary medicines and vaccines so that we can ensure a continuous supply to you. One of the benefits of being part of a larger veterinary group like vetPartners is that we have access to medicines from a number of sources.

We would however, appreciate it if you could give us as much notice as possible when ordering medicines. We know that due to our normal lead time of 2 working days that customers often order close to the date that they want to use a product, but would ask that you that you look at planning a bit further ahead, especially for vaccines. 

We are also working closely with our courier service to ensure that deliveries are as unaffected as possible, but please check the site and emails for further updates.


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