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  • Prescription
    Bovipast RSP 10 dose
    For the active immunisation of cattle against -Parainfluenza3 virus (PI3 virus), to reduce infections. -Bovine Respiratory Syncytial Virus (BRSV) to reduce infection and clinical signs. -Mannheimia (Pasteurella) haemolytica serotype A1, to reduce infection, mortality, clinical signs, lung lesions and bacterial invasion of the lung caused by serotypes A1 and A6. Cross-reactive immunity to the A6 serotype...
    £65.80 ex VAT
  • Prescription
    CIDR 10pk
    CIDR is presented as a T shaped device consisting of a progesterone impregnated silicone elastomer moulded over an inert nylon spine. For the control of the oestrous cycle in cycling cows and heifers. To be used in combination with prostaglandin F2α or analogue. NOT SUPPLIED WITH APPLICATOR. For CIDR Applicator click here.
    £120.13 ex VAT
  • Cow magnet - FerriMAX 25pk
    Extra Strong reticular magnet for the prevention of Hardware Disease (wires) in cattle 150Kg or greater.
    £43.30 ex VAT
  • Prescription
    Enzovax 20 dose
    For the active immunisation of susceptible female breeding sheep to reduce abortion caused by Chlamydophila abortus infection.  
  • Eprinex Pour On 5L
    A pour-on solution containing eprinomectin, with the advantage of NO MILK WITHDRAWAL for the treatment and control of roundworms (including inhibited larvae of Ostertagia ostertagi), lungworm, warbles, mange mites and sucking and biting lice.  
    £316.71 ex VAT
  • Progiene Coxicur 5L
    It is possible to break the lifecycle of most disease challenges by disinfecting housing. Coccidiosis oocysts can also be siginificantly reduced in housing by a thorough clean and use of DEFRA approved Coxicur. Broad spectrum DEFRA approved terminal disinfectant Highly effective against coccidiosis, cryptosporidium, TB, viruses, bacteria, moulds and yeast.  Ideal for use in calf housing,...
    £90.00 ex VAT
  • Prescription
    Ringvac (Bovilis) 5 dose
    For active immunisation of cattle to reduce clinical signs of ringworm caused by Trichophyton verrucosum (prophylactic dose) and to shorten the recovery time of infected cattle showing clinical signs of ringworm (therapeutic dose). Onset of immunity has been demonstrated at 3 weeks after completion of the recommended course. The duration of protection has not been determined but experience of use...
    £17.66 ex VAT
  • Prescription
    Rispoval Intranasal RS + PI3 5 dose
    For active immunisation of maternally derived antibody positive or negative calves from 9 days of age against BRSV and PI3V, to reduce the mean titre and duration of excretion of both viruses. Onset of immunity: 5 days for BRSV and 10 days for PI3V after a single vaccination. Duration of protective immunity: 12 weeks following a single dose. The duration of protective immunity against the PI3V fraction...
    £35.28 ex VAT
  • Prescription
    Rispoval Intranasal RS + PI3 5 x 1 dose
    For active immunisation of maternally derived antibody positive or negative calves from 9 days of age against BRSV and PI3V, to reduce the mean titre and duration of excretion of both viruses. Onset of immunity: 5 days for BRSV and 10 days for PI3V after a single vaccination. Duration of protective immunity: 12 weeks following a single dose. The duration of protective immunity against the PI3V fraction...
    £39.69 ex VAT
  • Rotavec Corona 20 dose
    For the active immunisation of pregnant cows and heifers to raise antibodies against E. coli adhesin F5 (K99) antigen, rotavirus and coronavirus. While calves are fed colostrum from vaccinated cows during the first two to four weeks of life, these antibodies have been demonstrated to: -reduce the severity of diarrhoea caused by E. coli F5 (K99); -reduce the incidence of scours caused by rotavirus; -reduce...
    £201.10 ex VAT
  • Prescription
    Toxovax 50 dose
    NOTE: Please place a separate order for this item if they are ordering other items that you need straight away. We will NOT split deliveries. This vaccine only has a 5-7 days shelf life, please bear this in mind when ordering. Uses For the active immunisation of susceptible breeding female sheep to reduce the effects of infection by Toxoplasma gondii, namely early embryonic death, barrenness and...
    £248.50 ex VAT
  • Vecoxan 2.5mg/ml Oral Suspension 5L
    An oral drench for the treatment and prevention of coccidiosis in calves and lambs.
    £445.00 ex VAT
  • All Trace High Iodine Bolus 20pk
    A sustained release bolus containing 6 trace elements and 3 vitamins. Designed for grazing or forage fed livestock where an imbalance of iodine affects animal productivity. High Iodine All-Trace helps farmers manage the trace element status of their herd over critical periods of the production cycle.Low levels of iodine in pasture will generally result in low levels in cattle grazing or being fed foragefrom...
    £64.39 ex VAT
  • Farmacy / Sterimatic Jab Box
    The Farmacy Jab Box has been carefully designed to include many of the items required to treat or vaccinate livestock. The heavy duty 21" box has an internal tray and a webbing strap to attach to a fence or crush for ease of use and to keep it out of the muck. Keep everything stored safely as box is lockable with a combination padlock. With everything in one place it's easier...
    £77.73 ex VAT
  • Prescription
    Metacam Injection 20mg/ml 100ml
    Metacam 20mg/ml solution is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) for use in cattle, pigs and horses. Cattle For use in acute respiratory infection with appropriate antibiotic therapy to reduce clinical signs in cattle. For use in diarrhoea, in combination with oral rehydration therapy, to reduce clinical signs in calves of over one week of age and young non-lactating cattle. For adjunctive...
    £82.21 ex VAT
  • Rehydion F + Gel 320ml
    Indicated for use in calves as an aid in the correction of electrolyte imbalances resulting from digestive disturbances such as diarrhoea.
    £14.80 ex VAT
  • Prescription
    Rispoval 4 - 5 dose
    For active immunisation of cattle to reduce infection, clinical signs and respiratory disease caused by Bovine Respiratory Synctial Virus (BRSV), Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis (IBR, caused by BHV-1) virus and Parainfluenza type 3 Virus (PI3); and leucopenia and viraemia caused by the Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD) virus Type 1 cytopathic and non-cytopathic strains. A duration of immunity of at least...
    £37.70 ex VAT
  • Sterimatic 2ml Bottle Mounted Vaccination Gun Pack
    The sterimatic automatic needle sanitisation system reduces cross infection, reduces bacterial build-up on the needle so preventing abcessing and infection at the injection site and reduces the risk of self injection. The system is proven to: Reduce infection and abscessing Reduce disease transmission Reduce needle-stick injuries Reduces needle damage Pack includes 2ml bottle mounted Vaccinator...
    £30.58 ex VAT
  • Prescription
    Orbeseal 120pk
    Orbeseal is indicated for the prevention of new intramammary infections throughout the dry period in cattle. In cows likely to be free of sub-clinical mastitis, Orbeseal can be used on its own in dry cow management and mastitis control. In cows that may have sub-clinical mastitis, Orbeseal may be used following administration of a suitable dry cow antibiotic treatment to the infected quarter. Selection...
    £193.40 ex VAT
  • Fresh Cow YMCP 500g x 20 pack
     A complementary dietetic mineral supplement for freshly calved dairy cows containing yeast, magnesium, calcium, potassium and niacin to ease the transition into lactation. When cows calve they lose a large reservoir of essential nutrients which they require to get going and transition into lactation quickly. Fresh Cow YMCP helps make this recovery easier, increase appetite, reduce metabolic disorders...
    £130.50 ex VAT
  • Eprizero Pour On Cattle 5 Litre
    Indicated for the treatment and prevention of the following parasites Gastrointestinal Roundworms (adults and fourth stage larvae):Ostertagia spp., Ostertagia lyrata (adult), Ostertagia ostertagi (including inhibited O. ostertagi), Cooperia spp. (including inhibited Cooperia spp), Cooperia oncophora, Cooperia pectinata, Cooperia punctata, Cooperia surnabada, Haemonchus placei, Trichostrongylus spp.,...
    £305.99 ex VAT

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