Measure and monitor to make informed management decisions.

Farmacy is always looking at how it can support its clients further, and we are pleased to announce a joint initiative with Kingshay to provide an easy analysis service for feed, forage, soil, slurry and water.

Matching animal’s requirements with nutrient supply is key to maximising health and production. Analysing feed and forage for nutritional quality and mineral content is crucial as conditions can be extremely variable year on year as well as from farm to farm.

Water can provide both essential and antagonistic constituents for animals. Untreated water i.e. boreholes and water harvested from roofs should be assessed for mineral and microbiological composition when formulating rations or investigating metabolic disorders. Analysis of private water supply is also a requirement of many farm assurance schemes.

Under the Farming Rules for Water introduced in April 2018, farms are required to soil test each field at least every 5-years (this means that on average 20% of the farm area should be soil tested each year). Aimed to promote good practice in managing fertilisers and manures, to avoid diffuse pollution, the analysis of Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, pH will aid fertiliser planning. As a result, input costs may be reduced as nutrient requirements can be more easily matched to nutrient supply as well as increasing plant growth and crop yield. Matching your soils’ requirements with nutrient supply is key to maximising production. Analysing slurry/manure prior to appication is an essential step in enabling you to prepare your fertiliser regime, increase plant growth and yields, as well as manage costs.

Currently the Kingshay Analysis Suite included kits for:

Forage Analysis:

  • Silage Analysis grass, maize or wholecrop
  • Forage Mineral Analysis grass or silage
  • Fresh Grass Analysis

Feedstuffs Analysis

  • NIR
  • Wet Chemistry Basic or Full
  • Hay & Straw - Mould & Yeast

Livestock Drinking Water Analysis

  • Minerals
  • Microbiological

Slurry /Manure Analysis

Soil Analysis

  • Basic Agricultural Soils
  • Soil Carbon
    • CarbonCheck & Textural Classification
    • CarbonCheck PLUS & Textural Classification incl. active carbon

The analysis kits contain everthing you need, from instructions for taking the sample, to containers or bags and also include pre-paid envelopes. So all you need to do is take the sample and pop it in the post and then results will be e-mailed back to you. You are also able to order tools such as platemeters and soil sampling devices.

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1st June 2021

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