Body condition scoring sheep - Pre-tupping TLC!

With shearing done, now is a good time to have a good sort through the flock and do some body condition sorting prior to tupping. It can take around 10-12 weeks for sheep to gain 0.5 BCS, therefore you should be aiming to do this 10-12 weeks prior to tupping to ensure you have the majority of your flock in optimum condition when the rams join them. This is also a great time to do a health check, as you would with tups:

  • Have they got a full set of teeth?
  • Are they lame?
  • Any lumps in their udder?
  • Any parasitic burden / worms?

As always, if you do have a number of health concerns following your flock check, please speak to your vet for advice.

1st October 2021

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