Guidance on use of flukicides in cattle

The National Office of Animal Health (NOAH) and the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) have recently released new guidance on the use of flukicides in cattle after the European Commission, working with the European Medicines Agency, made changes to the regulations. The changes apply to any cow producing milk for humans and also cover the dry period.

The guidance covers the actives closantel, nitroxynil, albendazole, oxyclozanide and triclabendazole, as well as combinations that also contain anti-worming medicines. It is presented in a table which should be used by vets, SQPs and farmers whilst the labels on concerned products change, which could take up to 9 months.

It is recommended that the information in the table is followed even if the revised labelling has not been introduced. Whilst using the product as per the current label is allowed, this does carry the risk that residues violations in milk are detected through residues surveillance scheme run by the VMD as this does examine milk for flukicides.

To see full details of the statement and the table from NOAH and the VMD, click here.

8th August 2013

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