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Equistro Haemolytan 1000g
Equistro Haemolytan 1000g
Complementary feeding stuff for horses enriched with vitamins and trace elements to support vitality, HAEMOLYTAN 400 helps provide the nutriants necessary for recovery during and after periods of effort or during difficult periods.
£93.13 (VAT exempt)
Equistro Legaphyton 900g
Equistro Legaphyton 900g
Pelleted dietetic feeding stuff formulated to support the liver function in the case of chronic liver insufficiency in horses. Contains a readily assimilated silibin and phospholipid association and highly digestible carbohydrates (Lucerne, Carob). Legaphyton is particularly recommended for horses suffering from chronic liver insufficiency (horses under intense training, overfed horses and “aged“...
£66.33 (VAT exempt)

Equistro Secreta Pro MaxEquistro Secreta Pro Max
Equistro Secreta Pro Max
Formulation that combines the selection of herbs with the antioxidant Vitamin E in a biological form that supports the respiratory system.
from £51.03 (VAT exempt)