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Audevard Balsamic ControlAudevard Balsamic Control
Audevard Balsamic Control
Some horses are particularly sensitive to the quality of the air they breathe. The presence of dust, mould or pollen can cause recurrent respiratory disorders or discomfort when the horse begins working, creating additional nutritional requirements. Such disorders can pose a problem to both horses and riders. Balsamic Control is specially formulated for the management of your horse's respiratory...
from £44.00 (VAT exempt)
Audevard Bo Yea Sacc Ultra
Audevard Bo Yea Sacc Ultra
Research has highlighted the importance of a balanced gut flora, to optimise the horse’s digestive tract and consequently performance. Using pre- and probiotics contributes to balanced digestion. Bo Yeas Act Ultra can also be used to reduce the risk of digestive disorders, as well as during or following recent episodes. Bo Yeas Act Ultra provides pre- and probiotics for balanced digestion...
from £33.00 (VAT exempt)

Audevard Bonutron Sport Pro 18kg
Audevard Bonutron Sport Pro 18kg
Given the high nutritional needs of sport horses, their rations are rarely fully balanced, and the deficiencies of rations can vary depending on the feeds that make them up. For sport horses and ponies, it is difficult to evaluate how needs for micronutrients are being met because of the many variables to take into account. Because of this, the best solution is to use dietary complementing that...
£420.00 (VAT exempt)
Audevard Bonutron Start 15ml
Audevard Bonutron Start 15ml
With 17 nutrients, Bonutron Start is the ideal formula for supporting young foals in their first weeks of life. This unique formula contains vitamins A and D3, plus high concentrations of copper and zinc, rounded off with plants
£8.00 (VAT exempt)

Audevard Ekyflex Arthro EvoAudevard Ekyflex Arthro Evo
Audevard Ekyflex Arthro Evo
Joint support, triple protection: cartilage, synovial fluid and subchondral bone Ekyflex Arthro EVO is a feed supplement for your horse's joint. Its nutrients are selected to meet the short-term and long-term needs of the joint capital. Ekyflex Arthro EVO is used in periods of 2 months. It is always preferable to anticipate the periods of greater needs to prevent the horse from drawing on...
from £49.00 (VAT exempt)
Audevard Ekyflex Mobility 1 litre
Audevard Ekyflex Mobility 1 litre
All horses, regardless of their activity, experience strain affecting their musculoskeletal system and spine. Repeated strain may lead to discomfort or stiffness, and creates specific nutritional requirements. EKYFLEX MOBILITY combines three plants: harpagophytum, meadowsweet and horsetail. The formula also contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. EKYFLEX MOBILITY contains harpagophytum, an ingredient...
£29.00 (VAT exempt)

Audevard Ekygard +Audevard Ekygard +
Audevard Ekygard +
Ekygard+ is a supplement that offers an enhanced triple protection of the horse's stomach: limits gastric acidity, preserves the mucosa and supports the flora. This new formula also contains aloe vera which has a soothing effect, and fenugreek which stimulates appetite. Stress, changes in routine (travel for competition, change of stable, etc.), activity levels and diet are all factors that...
from £83.18 (VAT exempt)
Audevard Flymax Nano Extract 500ml
Audevard Flymax Nano Extract 500ml
During the summer period, you may experience factors that hinder your consultations or during horse-riding. FLYMAX NANO EXTRACT has been specifically formulated to offer a refreshing fragrant protection around your horse.
£19.00 ex VAT£22.80 inc VAT

Audevard HarpagylAudevard Harpagyl
Audevard Harpagyl
Harpagyl contains proven high levels of Devil's Claw & is formulated by Audevard. In studies, it has been shown to contain almost 7 times as much Harpagoside (the active ingredient in Devil's Claw), as some other competitors products. Harpagyl is suitable for stiff horses or those showing signs of mobility issues. Ideal for picky eaters, as it has been tested on fussy horses!
from £21.99 (VAT exempt)
Audevard Immunofoal 300ml
Audevard Immunofoal 300ml
Foals are born without immune defences and it is the mother’s colostrum ingested during the first 12 hours of life that provides them with their first antibodies (IGg), which will protect them during the first two to three months of life. If the mother's colostrum is of poor quality, it may make the foal more vulnerable in the first months of life. IMMUNOFOAL is designed to provide additional...
£170.00 (VAT exempt)

Audevard LactofoalAudevard Lactofoal
Audevard Lactofoal
The Lactofoal formula is suited to the specific needs of foals: the correct protein and fat content for horses, optimal protein quality and pro- and prebiotics. It comes in powder form that fully dissolves in water. Each tub comes with a teat that can be fitted onto a standard feeding bottle. Lactofoal can be added to the daily feed for the first two months of weaning. Start with 500 g and...
from £35.00 (VAT exempt)
Audevard Myostem ProtecAudevard Myostem Protec
Audevard Myostem Protec
After exercise, muscle cells will be more or less damaged depending on the horse’s ability to manage the free radicals induced by exercise. MYOSTEM PROTEC is a complementary feed formulated to support the preparation for and recovery from sport effort, MYOSTEM PROTEC helps promote the muscular strength of sports horses (antioxidants, amino acids, etc.) The MYOSTEM PROTEC formula is truly...
from £45.00 (VAT exempt)

Audevard Redplex+ SolutionAudevard Redplex+ Solution
Audevard Redplex+ Solution
Redplex+ is designed to provide the essential nutrients, especially the vitamins and trace elements (iron, etc.) that horses need during intense effort, training, and/or competition. Redplex+ can also be used for nutritional restoration in horses who have lost weight or are convalescing. 1 L bottle - Sufficient for up to 33 days' use. 5 L container with 30 ml pump dispenser - Sufficient...
from £18.00 (VAT exempt)
Audevard Zzen 1 litre
Audevard Zzen 1 litre
Some horses are more sensitive than others to stress caused by training, competitions, transportation and changes of environment. These new situations may require additional nutritional support. The new ZZEN formula has been reinforced with tryptophan and vitamin B6, and still contains high concentrations of magnesium and vitamin B1, which nervous horses consume in greater amounts. 1 L bottle...
£24.96 (VAT exempt)

Audevard Zzen Flash 60ml
Audevard Zzen Flash 60ml
Some horses are more sensitive than others to stress caused by training, competitions, transport and changes in their environment. These situations create a one-off increase in the nutritional requirements of the horse which should be off set by additional intake of specific nutrients. Zzen Flash is formulated with technically pure tryptophan and magnesium, which anxious horses have an increased...
£6.20 (VAT exempt)