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Audevard Ekyflex Mobility 1 litre
Audevard Ekyflex Mobility 1 litre
All horses, regardless of their activity, experience strain affecting their musculoskeletal system and spine. Repeated strain may lead to discomfort or stiffness, and creates specific nutritional requirements. EKYFLEX MOBILITY combines three plants: harpagophytum, meadowsweet and horsetail. The formula also contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. EKYFLEX MOBILITY contains harpagophytum, an ingredient...
£29.00 (VAT exempt)
Audevard Ekygard +Audevard Ekygard +
Audevard Ekygard +
Ekygard+ is a supplement that offers an enhanced triple protection of the horse's stomach: limits gastric acidity, preserves the mucosa and supports the flora. This new formula also contains aloe vera which has a soothing effect, and fenugreek which stimulates appetite. Stress, changes in routine (travel for competition, change of stable, etc.), activity levels and diet are all factors that...
from £83.18 (VAT exempt)

Audevard HarpagylAudevard Harpagyl
Audevard Harpagyl
Harpagyl contains proven high levels of Devil's Claw & is formulated by Audevard. In studies, it has been shown to contain almost 7 times as much Harpagoside (the active ingredient in Devil's Claw), as some other competitors products. Harpagyl is suitable for stiff horses or those showing signs of mobility issues. Ideal for picky eaters, as it has been tested on fussy horses!
from £21.99 (VAT exempt)
Audevard Redplex+ SolutionAudevard Redplex+ Solution
Audevard Redplex+ Solution
Redplex+ is designed to provide the essential nutrients, especially the vitamins and trace elements (iron, etc.) that horses need during intense effort, training, and/or competition. Redplex+ can also be used for nutritional restoration in horses who have lost weight or are convalescing. 1 L bottle - Sufficient for up to 33 days' use. 5 L container with 30 ml pump dispenser - Sufficient...
from £18.00 (VAT exempt)

Audevard Zzen 1 litre
Audevard Zzen 1 litre
Some horses are more sensitive than others to stress caused by training, competitions, transportation and changes of environment. These new situations may require additional nutritional support. The new ZZEN formula has been reinforced with tryptophan and vitamin B6, and still contains high concentrations of magnesium and vitamin B1, which nervous horses consume in greater amounts. 1 L bottle...
£24.96 (VAT exempt)
Audevard Zzen Flash 60ml
Audevard Zzen Flash 60ml
Some horses are more sensitive than others to stress caused by training, competitions, transport and changes in their environment. These situations create a one-off increase in the nutritional requirements of the horse which should be off set by additional intake of specific nutrients. Zzen Flash is formulated with technically pure tryptophan and magnesium, which anxious horses have an increased...
£6.20 (VAT exempt)