CFE & DairyCo Grassland Management Course

How Green is your Grass?

A practical workshop on Grassland Management for Dairy Farms

Date: 19th February, 11am - 3pm

Venue: Cockhaise Farm, Monteswood Lane, Lindfield, West Sussex RH17 2QP

Speakers will cover topics including:

How to increase utilisation to 80-90%, improve herd management and cow health

Improving soil structure, biology and fertility using the new EBLAX / DAIRYCO Soil Assessment Tool

Building resilience

Grass & CFE: The 7 simple staps for livestock farmers

Lunch is included in this event.

This is a FREE event, but you must register to secure your place. 

Email or call Prim on 07580 004645

28th January 2015

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