Cold Chain Guarantee

Vaccines are sensitive to heat and extreme cold so must be kept at the correct temperature (between +2°C and +8°C) at all times. At Farmacy we guarantee that your vaccines are kept within this temperature range during delivery by using Woolcool® packaging which consistently outperforms conventional insulated packaging on every level.

Woolcool® is made from 100% British sheep's wool which has unique natural insulation properties for maintaining stable temperatures incredibly effectively. Wool is simply washed, scoured and felted to create entirely natural, fleecy insulation which is sealed within recyclable food-grade wrap. The Woolcool® insulation is used to line recyclable cardboard delivery boxes which will keep chilled contents cool, below 5°c for at least 72 hours; even more effectively than polystyrene. 

Independent trials* consistently show that Woolcool® insulated packaging maintains pharmaceuticals at their required temperature for longer than conventional materials used by other online pharmacies.

It's essential that you place your vaccine delivery in your fridge as soon as possible, and that you monitor the temperature to ensure that it remains within range. You'll find specialist thermometers for this purpose available on the site.

Once you've unpacked your delivery, don't just throw the Woolcool® liner away, although it is 100% recyclable if you do choose to. The Woolcool® liners can be reused around the home or office - click here for a few ideas.

We regularly test the performance of our cold chain packaging using data loggers to ensure the efficacy of this product, so you can rest assured that you get full cold chain integrity at no extra charge from Farmacy.




26th October 2015

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