Nadis Parasite Forecast September 2016

NADIS was formed in 1995 to promote animal health and welfare through better disease control and prevention. NADIS recognises this is best achieved by active veterinary health planning. Key to improving health is disease surveillance and veterinary based, animal health Knowledge Transfer, delivered to farmers by their veterinary surgeon.


Liver Fluke Forecast

This year summer weather conditions have been such that the risk of liver fluke disease is likely to be high in Scotland and north-western regions of England, and broadly similar to the high challenge faced in 2015. The risk of liver fluke disease in 2016 may indeed be higher because it follows a year where there was a high prevalence of liver fluke disease leading to pasture contamination with eggs last winter which will have developed through the intermediate snail stage this summer to infest sheep in the autumn.



19th September 2016

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