AgriBudget from Kingshay

The Flexible Farm Finance Planner

AgriBudget, developed by Kingshay in conjunction with the Farm Consultancy Group, brings a refreshing simplicity and flexibility to planning the financial future of your business.

If you have a diversification like a B&B, property rental or livery stables running alongside your farming enterprises, AgriBudget was designed so that you can create an enterprise with that name and set a budget.

Budgets can be completed for periods of up to 5 years.

You can select from a full range of business reports to produce bespoke professional reports for your own use, presentation to the bank manager and so on. Reports include, profit and loss, flow of funds and balance sheet, cashflow forecast and enterprise gross margins.

It also provides you with the facility to monitor actuals against budget and review these on a month by month and cumulative basis.

AgriBudget is available in farmer only, 1-5 client or unlimited client versions. Consultants can manage the budget of several clients within one program, with the option to create several budget scenarios for a client. At every level client confidentiality is assured through secure login procedures.

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23rd May 2017

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