Managing slurry in exceptional weather conditions when pollution risks are

Please see the message below from the Defra Nitrates Directive Team regarding managing slurry in exceptional weather conditions when pollution risks are high.

"We are aware of the difficult circumstances farmers around the country are facing during the ongoing dry weather.

We have published guidance to help prevent agricultural pollution in exceptional weather. The focus of this is to avoid or minimise soil damage and/or water pollution that can occur if slurry is spread in unfavourable soil and/or weather conditions. It is also important that stores do not overspill and become a point-source of water pollution.

The guidance includes a number of actions that can be taken. However, in some instances spreading to land may be the only available option. Before any spreading takes place, this needs to be discussed with the Environment Agency. If spreading to land needs to happen, and can be done without causing pollution, a flexible enforcement approach can be taken.

The guidance is available on GOV.UK at

Our staff at the National Customer Contact Centre are available to discuss individual situations and advise on what actions can be taken. Please call 03708 506 506 to speak to the National Customer Contact Centre. Out of hours, or in an emergency, call the incident hotline on 0800 80 70 60.

13th August 2018

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