Although it only feels like 5 minutes ago that the Huskvac season began, we've been advised that the last batch of Huskvac for this season will have an expiry a date of 18th August 2020. 

If you are ordering for primary vaccination, two doses at a dosage interval of approximately 4 weeks, then you should place your order no later than 20th July. If you have appropriate fridge space, then you should order your first and 2nd dose together.

If you only require a single dose for re-vaccination, then please place your order no later than 10th August 2020.

Please also bear in mind that we are currently dispatching vaccines Monday to Wednesday only, so the sooner you order the better.

Don't forget we also have Multi-Buy discounts available, so please call the office on 01306 628215 for best prices.


9th July 2020

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