Toxovax Orders

It's Enzovax and Toxovax season again, and we wanted to give everyone a gentle reminder of the factors to bear in mind when ordering Toxovax from Farmacy.

Unlike other vaccines, Toxovax is produced to order by the manufacturer (MSD) and there is a set capacity each week for the number of doses that can be manufactured for the whole of the UK. It is also only manufactured on certain days, and has a short expiry, so you really do need to plan ahead for this vaccine more than any other one you may use.

Whilst the data sheet advises you use this vaccine ‘at least 3 weeks prior to mating', we would advise you speak to your vet about how early you are able to vaccinate your specific flock, as if you leave it to the last minute, you will be buying when demand is at its highest and therefore there may be a delay in processing the order if MSD's production capacity is reached.

When you place your order with Farmacy, our ordering process is slightly different than other veterinary medicines.

  • We cannot place the order with MSD until we have received both payment and prescription. Please make sure that you have payment details ready if you place your order by phone.
  • We need exact quantities you require as we cannot reduce the quantity once the order is placed with MSD, so you could be paying for doses that you don't need. 
  • If you need to add additional quantities later, we are unlikely to be able to deliver the extra quantity at the same time as your original order.
  • If you are ordering other veterinary medicines at the same time as your Toxovax, we will hold the entire order until the Toxovax is available. This means that if you are ordering items that that you need straight away, you need to place separate orders.



11th August 2020

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