Ubro RED Dry Cow now back in stock with a great offer

Finally, Ubro RED® Dry Cow is back in stock and with a great offer.

Ubro RED Dry Cow contains a combination of an aminoglycoside, a penicillin ester and a penicillin salt, which gives a wide spectrum of antibacterial activity suspended in a slow-release base specifically designed for dry cow therapy.

Routine dry cow therapy is established as an important part of mastitis control, in conjunction with teat dipping and other managemental factors.

UBRO RED Dry Cow is indicated for the management of subclinical infections present at drying off and to assist in preventing new infections occurring during the dry period.

This very special offer runs until 1st December, so buy 5 packs and you’ll get 1 pack free.

Buy 5 x 20 packs & we’ll send you 6, a saving of £39.

Buy 5 x 120 packs & we’ll send you 6, a saving of £195.

If you can’t wait to order, click on the relevant offer above and you’ll be taken straight to the product page to place your order.


PLEASE NOTE: A prescription issued by a UK registered vet (MRCVS) is required before this item can be dispatched.


12th November 2012

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