Inconclusive Reactor (IR) Policy

In November 2016 the Government introduced a new policy which restricted resolved IRs to the holding for life (applies to holdings in the high risk and edge areas but also TB breakdown herds in the low risk areas). 50% of TB breakdowns start with an IR, 12% of IRs become reactors at subsequent tests. Up to 21% of IRs have visible lesions when slaughtered before their re-test.

This means any IR that is tested clear at the second 60d test can not move off that holding unless to go to slaughter a red or orange market or an approved finishing unit, and this movement requires a licence from APHA. It is important these animals are permanently identified on your records to avoid selling these cattle on by mistake.

The TB Advisory Service and many vets recommend these IRs are culled out of the herd as soon as possible, speak to TBAS or your Private vet for more information.

Read more about Inconclusive Reactor (IR) Policy here

25th June 2020

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