Heatwave Milk Warmer, the on-demand feeding station

Give calves or lambs a good start in life and you will never regret spending the money!

Research shows that feeding the maximum amount of milk solids in the first 40 days optimises feed conversion. Growing the frame and supporting the immune system at this stage leads to a bigger, better, healthier animal.

  • Feeds 30 calves or 50 lambs ad lib
  • Suitable for whole milk or milk powder
  • Hygienic, milk stored cold
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Faster, healthier growing stock
  • Labour saving


Until this year we had been using a warm milk ad-lib feeder. After talking to Jo at Farm Supplies, we decided to try the Heatwave and I can honestly say I am well impressed.

We have a high lambing percentage, so a lot of twins. This year I put them onto the Heatwave. The weight gain was impressive and in some cases the lamb did better than those left on the ewe.

Cleaning is really easy and quick, and I had no wastage. I could use any volume of milk as it is stored cold so none of the milk turned and so I could just get on with the job without having to stop and sort out the other feeder.

Do I think it’s worth the money? Without a doubt. It’s the best investment we’ve made. All the lambs came off healthier. Lambing this year was far more cost effective for the farm and I had more time to get on with things.

We’ve put 500 ewes to tup this year so I think the Heatwave is going to be worth its weight in gold.

Martin – Shepherd at E.H Holdstock and Son (Kent) lambed 270 in 2020

28th December 2020

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