How can I reduce lameness in my herd?

Lameness is a perennial challenge on dairy farms and it is important to address it, not just from a welfare perspective but also an economic one.

Costs that can be attributed to cattle lameness:

  • Reduced milk yield
  • Cost of treatment
  • Reduced longevity
  • Poor fertility
  • Increased risk of mastitis.

A preventative approach will reduce problems and minimise economic loss. Mobility scoring can help pick up early issues in relation to lameness - make sure you use your mobility score data with your foot trimmer and vet to see the benefits.

Don't forget that your stock bull's feet need attention too!

Contact the practice if you would like advice on how to reduce lameness and improve your herd’s mobility scores.

Our experienced cattle lameness vets and foot trimmers will be presenting a live demonstration for Dairy-Tech Online on Friday 12th February at 10.30am. Registration is free!

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Posted by Alison Eves
8th February 2021

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