Dairy Systems, Robot & Automation Survey

Kingshay want to hear from you!

Kingshay are carrying out a survey of dairy farmers across the UK, to understand more about your dairy herd and system, with a specific review of the current levels of automation on your farm. They also want to learn more about any intended investment in technology and automation. Whilst there is a focus on robot milked herds, they want to hear from all dairy farmers.

They aim to use the results of this survey to produce a report to give an overview of dairy systems, delve into a variety of influencing factors to gain a better understanding of dairy farm management. Furthermore, it will aim to help dairy farmers make informed decisions about investments in automation to drive forward their business.

You can complete the survey either online here, or by printing the PDF version here.

Scan or photograph your completed form and return to contact.us@kingshay.com.


Posted by Alison Eves
1st March 2021

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