Get Ready for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

To stay compliant with the European Payment Services Directive (PSD2) including the newly introduced Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) which helps secure electronic payments in remote environments, our payment platform is being updated within the next few weeks.

When ordering online a 2nd authentication method will be required, based on at least two discrete elements of the following three categories:

Possession, Something only you have.

For example, your mobile device registered with your issuing bank or a hardware token that has been issued to you.

Inherence, Something only you are.

For example, your fingerprint, iris scan or other form of biometric that can uniquely identify you.

Knowledge, Something only you know.

For example, a unique passphrase or identification number that is known only by you.

This new level of authentication has been brought in to further reduce fraud and keep your data safe when making payments online. 

You may already have noticed that on other sites you are already required to give an extra piece of information, for example inputting a one time code that has been sent to your mobile phone. 

It is a legal requirement for us to update our payment platform, and if you have any problems our office is open Monday - Friday, between 9am - 5pm (excpet Bank Holidays).

Watch this space for more information on this update. We will give as much information as possible to ensure that the transition is as simple as possible.


2nd August 2021

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