Controlling Watery Mouth

As many of you will be aware Spectam Scour Halt is being discontinued and there will only be limited stocks available this spring. For farmers who have previously used this product it will be important to engage with your vet or advisor to develop a plan to prevent watery mouth and promote lamb survival.

Over the last few years the sheep industry has made large steps to reduce the reliance of prophylactic antibiotics for the control of watery mouth by focusing on ewe nutrition, colostrum and good hygiene at lambing.  

Farmacy can help with all these areas; Forage analysis is available to help you manage the nutrition of your ewes. We have a selection of colostrum replacers and feeding tubes available so that you can ensure every lamb gets the right start and sufficient colostrum.

In the farm supplies section of our website you will find disinfectants so you can ensure al your lambs are born into the cleanest possible environment.

By focusing on these 3 key areas you will be able to ensure a successful lambing and minimise the risk of watery mouth and other infectious diseases.

1st February 2022

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