Farmacy & The Westpoint Veterinary Group Sponsor Cream Awards 2013

Westpoint and Farmacy have agreed to sponsor the 2013 “Cream Awards” organised by the publishers of Farm Business magazine.


The awards are taking place in September and are celebrating and rewarding excellence across the dairy sector.


We are sponsoring the “Young Farmer of the Year” category and the award is open to any dairy farmer under the age of 30.


What are our judges looking for?

The future of UK farming is dependent on new farmers entering the industry, and those who can demonstrate a range of practical skills, together with a visionary approach to business development, will undoubtedly be the success stories of the future.  Progressive young farmers often think innovatively to find practical solutions, while considering the bigger picture; this may relate to their adoption of a business and market-focused approach or by embracing new technologies, and the shortlisted candidates will need to show how they put ideas into practice in order to develop a sustainable business. Successful farmers often demonstrate attention to detail and can see the value of assets throughout their business. Candidates will need to show how they have embraced an entrepreneurial spirit to capitalise on opportunities, while building relationships within the agricultural industry. This award category will recognise an outstanding young farmer, who will not only be a role model for their farming peers, but an ambassador for the future of British dairy farming.


To read more about the event click here.

31st May 2013

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