World Soil Day

5th December is World Soil Day!

The physical, chemical and biological health of soil is key to plant performance which is ultimately vital for healthy livestock and profit performance. To make sure you are getting the most from your soil you need to be regularly checking and analysing it. Legislation suggests you are expected to analyse your soil at least every 5 years, but the benefits to your farm should make regular analysis and essential practice.

There are a number of Soil Analysis reports available to purchase from Farmacy in our Analysis / Reports department, and tools will be available shortly.

Do you know how healthy your soils are? Soil is fundamental to farming through the well-being of crops and the livestock linked to it. Without fully understanding your soil and how to determine its health you could be losing profit.

The FarmIQ Introduction to Soils course will help you understand key soil, physical, chemical and biological properties, and their role in soil health. This course will help you create better choices around how to measure and improve your soil to maintain and even increase animal health and productivity.


1st December 2022

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