Kingshay 2nd Annual Antimicrobial Focus Report

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The latest Antimicrobial Focus Report shows a quarter of dairy farmers from those sampled are responsible for 49% of total antimicrobial usage. The report, which is now in its second year, draws on data from 1,044 dairy herds across the UK in the year to March 2022.

The individual herd antimicrobial use ranged from 0.26 to 87.17 mg/kg PCU, with an average total antimicrobial usage for the year at 15.9 mg/kg PCU. This has plateaued in the last 3 years, showing that the ‘easy wins’ have been made and now we need to focus on a more targeted approach.

Nevertheless,  69% of dairy herds were below our 2024 target of 17.9mg/kg PCU and critically important antimicrobial usage was very similar to last year at a low rate of 6.7% of herds using one of these products. Visit Kingshay for the full report and to learn more about Kingshay’s antimicrobial service please.  

3rd April 2023

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