NSAID therapy helps deliver improved fertility

NSAID therapy helps deliver improved fertility

Did you know that using a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) alongside antibiotic treatment for mild and moderate cases of mastitis can improve fertility?

In a study across six European countries, including the UK, over 500 cows with mild to moderate mastitis received two to four tubes of intramammary antibiotic therapy. Half were also given the NSAID Metacam®, and half were given a placebo1.  Milk samples were taken to assess cure rates, fertility records were collected (number of services, pregnancy diagnosis), and cows culled in that lactation were identified.

Impressive results showed that cows with mastitis that were given a NSAID along with antibiotic therapy had significantly improved reproductive performance compared to the cows that were given the placebo and antibiotic therapy.

In particular:

  • The percentage of cows conceiving to their first service (31% vs 21%)
  • The number of inseminations required to achieve conception (2.43 vs 2.92)
  • Percentage of cows pregnant by 120 days after calving (40% vs 31%)
  • The cows treated with the NSAID also had a higher bacteriological cure rate than those that received the placebo (66% vs 50%)

“Further analysis showed that adding Metacam® to the antibiotic treatment of mild to moderate mastitis was economically beneficial across a whole range of production types and economic situations,” says Boehringer Ingelheim vet adviser, Kath Aplin.

1. McDougall et al (2016) J Dairy Sci 99(3): 2026–2042

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3rd July 2023

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