Delivery Delay


Today, we have been advised that the issues at our wholesaler may persist for at least another 2-3 weeks. We are however happy to say that the long delays that occurred when the problems first arose are behind us.

There are still some system issues. This means that our medicine deliveries are still incomplete some days. These shortages may add a further day to our usual turnaround if we must reorder from our secondary wholesaler. We try wherever possible not to part ship orders but will if you are urgent for medicines.

Again, we thank you all for your patience during this time.


We have finally caught up with the order backlog created by the problems at our wholesaler over the last week - 10 days, so thank you to everyone who waited so patiently for us to get back to our normal service.

At this time, we are still getting the odd discrepancy between what we order, and what is delivered but at the worst this will add a day to our turnaround, and we will make anyone affected aware of any delay.

Once again, thank you for your patience and apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Today's update is sadly not great news, as our wholesaler is still struggling to fulfil all orders and have serious system issues in their warehouse that they are desperately trying to fix. We are getting daily updates, but currently they foresee these issues continuing for the rest of this week and into next.

We are still supplementing our stocks from another wholesaler, but this is inevitably going to mean that some orders may possibly take a day longer than usual for us to dispatch.

As I mentioned in a previous update, if you are urgent for any of the medicines you have ordered which could affect the immediate health of your animals, please contact your veterinary surgeon who may be able to help more quickly.

Watch this space for further updates, and thanks for your patience.


Good news today as it looks like the medicine deliveries from our wholesaler are back to normal this morning.  We have quite a large backlog of orders from last week and are working as quickly as possible to have all delayed orders dispatched by tomorrow (05/09/2023). It is possible that some may roll over into Wednesday, but we will keep everyone updated.

We thank you all for your patience and apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.


Update 01/09/2023

We want to thank you all for your patience with the delays this week due to the issues at out wholesalers. We pride ourselves in our service, so as you can imagine this has been a frustrating time for us, especially as it is totally out of our control.

There are unfortunately still problems with our deliveries, which we are trying to mitigate by re-ordering through a second wholesaler. This does however mean that delays are still inevitable in the short term.

We hope that despite the wholesaler still having a few issues, that we will be back to normal service by next Tuesday, 5th September.

Again, we thank you so much for your patience.

Update 31/08/2023

We are continuing to experience issues with medicine deliveries from our wholesaler, and at this time we expect delays may to roll into next week. 

Today we have a partial delivery, which sadly included a number of breakages, and are working through this to allocate stock to orders. We will contact all customers with details of whether we are able to send a complete or partial order once that process has been completed.

Please bear with us while we work through this, and rest assured that we are working to get orders dispatched as soon as possible.


We are sorry to advise that due to a technical issue at our wholesaler we have not received our medicines delivery today. This means that any order placed since 5.30pm on 25th August will be delayed.

We will endeavour to get all orders out as quickly as possible once our order is received, but will be working with a backlog due to the Bank Holiday, so the delay could be between 24 - 48 hours.

If you are urgent for any of the medicines you have ordered which could affect the immediate health of your animals, please contact your veterinary surgeon who may be able to help more quickly.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but unfortunately this issue is out of our control.


13th September 2023

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