New Bovilis IBR Maker Inactivated from MSD

MSD Animal Health has launched an inactivated marker vaccine for use in the control of Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis (IBR).

Bovilis IBR Marker Inactivated complements the Bovilis IBR Marker Live and creates a range that offers "greater simplicity and additional flexibility" for vets seeking optimum control protocols for their clients' herds.

Drew McGurren, ruminant veterinary adviser for MSD Animal Health, said: "Farmer compliance is an important part of any successful vaccination programme.

"With this extended Bovilis IBR Marker programme, farmers can now start IBR vaccination of their cattle from three months of age with a single shot primary course of Bovilis IBR Marker Live, easily followed by boosters every six months using a single dose of either Bovilis IBR Marker Live or Bovilis IBR Marker Inac. Both primary course and boosters can be administered by the same intramuscular route.

"Alternatively, Bovilis IBR Marker Inac can be administered to cattle from three months of age as a primary course of two injections four weeks apart. The programme then follows a six monthly single dose booster regime.
"The availability of Bovilis IBR Marker Inac provides a simple control option in defined farm situations, not least where an alternative to the live vaccine is preferred or required. Overall, we see this development adding convenience, ease of use and flexibility for veterinary surgeons as they work with their clients to control a significant disease threat in dairy and beef cattle in the UK."

Available in 10 and 50 doses.

Bovilis IBR Inac

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30th August 2013

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