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Game Holding Block 10kgGame Holding Block 10kg
Game Holding Block 10kg
Benefits of the Game Block: Very good acceptance; promoting loyalty to the location Species-appropriate component composition Mold formation is excluded, therefore reducing the risk of illness Avoids grazing by deer Rats and mice excluded Absolutely weatherproof Permanent absorption of micro-nutrients - Ease of application Saving time and cost Recommended use: Cut an 18cm hole...
£26.43 ex VAT£31.72 inc VAT
Well Bird Pecking Block for Chickens 14kgWell Bird Pecking Block for Chickens 14kg
Well Bird Pecking Block for Chickens 14kg
Satisfies the natural pecking instinct of Poultry, enriching welfare & improving production. Developed and manufactured in the UK, the Well Bird® Pecking Block is specifically designed to satisfy a bird’s natural desire to forage, explore, scratch and peck The enrichment block is the perfect hardness to gratify, without interfering with their day to day diet At the same time stress...
£30.62 ex VAT£36.74 inc VAT