Sterimatic 6ml Bottle Mounted Vaccination Gun Pack

Sterimatic 6ml Bottle Mounted Vaccination Gun Pack
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The sterimatic automatic needle sanitisation system reduces cross infection, reduces bacterial build-up on the needle so preventing abcessing and infection at the injection site and reduces the risk of self injection.

The system is proven to:

  • Reduce infection and abscessing
  • Reduce disease transmission
  • Reduce needle-stick injuries
  • Reduces needle damage

Pack includes 6ml bottle mounted Prima-Tech vaccinator Gun, 3 x Needles (sub-cutaneous), 3 x Sterimatic caps, 1 x Clear Needle Guard (for 12mm , sub-cutaneous injection).

Each cap covers 100 injections within 3 days.

Refill packs and sleeve kits for Intra-muscular and Sub-cutaneous injections also available.



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