Bisolvon 10mg/g Oral Powder 5g x 40 pack

Bisolvon 10mg/g Oral Powder 5g x 40 pack
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An aid to the treatment of respiratory disease in cattle and pigs, where mucus is a complicating factor.

For oral administration in the feed or drinking water. Add to feed or drinking water immediately before administration.

Species Dose of Bromhexine Hydrochloride (mgkg--1) Total Daily Dose of Powder Frequency Duration of treatment (d)
Cattle 0.5 mg/kg 5 g/100 kg once daily 5 days
Pigs 0.2-0.5 mg/kg 2-5 g/100 kg once daily 5 days
Species Bodyweight (kg) Dose of Bisolvon Powder (g) No. of white (5 g) scoops No. of blue (0.5g) scoops
Calves 100 5 1 -
Cattle 400 20 4 -
Pigs 100 02-May ½-1 -

Cattle - 2 days

Pigs - Zero days

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Bisolvon 10mg/g Oral Powder



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