CIDR 10pk

CIDR 10pk
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CIDR is presented as a T shaped device consisting of a progesterone impregnated silicone elastomer moulded over an inert nylon spine. For the control of the oestrous cycle in cycling cows and heifers. To be used in combination with prostaglandin F2α or analogue.


A device applicator should be used for administration, following the procedure described below:
1.Ensure that the applicator is clean and dipped in a non-irritant antiseptic solution before use.
2.Wearing sterile disposable plastic gloves, fold the arms of the device and load into the applicator. The arms of the device should protrude slightly from the end of the applicator. Care should be taken to avoid unnecessary or prolonged handling of the product to minimise transfer of the active substance to the operator's gloves.
3.Apply a small quantity of obstetrical lubricant to the end of the loaded applicator.
4.Lift the tail and clean the vulva and perineum.
5.Gently insert the applicator into the vagina, first in a vertical direction and then horizontally until some resistance is encountered.
6.Make sure the removal string is free, press the handle of the applicator and allow the barrel to move back towards the handle. This releases the arms of the device, which will then retain the device in the anterior vagina.
7.With the device correctly positioned, withdraw the applicator, leaving the removal string hanging from the vulva.
8.The applicator should be cleaned and disinfected before being used on another animal.

The device may be removed by gently pulling on the string. On occasions the string may not be visible from the outside of the animal, in such cases it may be located in the posterior vagina using a gloved finger. Withdrawal of the device should not require force. If any resistance is encountered a gloved hand should be used to ease removal.
If there is any difficulty in removal from the animal beyond that itemised above veterinary advice must be sought.
The device is intended for single use only.

Milk: Zero days Meat: Zero days

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