Enterisol Iletis (50 dose) 100ml

Enterisol Iletis (50 dose) 100ml
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For active immunisation of weaned pigs from three weeks of age to reduce intestinal lesions caused by Lawsonia intracellularis infection and to reduce growth variability and impairment of weight gain associated with the disease.

Under field conditions, the improvement in average daily weight gain (ADG) was seen to be up to 30g/day when vaccinated pigs were compared to non-vaccinates.

Onset of protection occurs as early as three weeks post vaccination and lasts for at least 17 weeks.

Vaccination by drench application:

Administer a single 2 ml dose orally to pigs (from three weeks of age), irrespective of body weight.

Vaccination via the drinking water:

Water systems have to be cleaned and rinsed with untreated water to eliminate residues of antimicrobials, detergents or disinfectants. The final solution containing the vaccine should be consumed within four hours after preparation. Calculate the number of vials required to vaccinate all the pigs according to the table below:

No of Pigs Vaccine vial Diluent Vial
10 10 dose (20ml) 20ml
50 50 dose (100ml) 100ml
100 100 dose (100ml) 200ml


Dilute the vaccine in the drinking water which will be consumed during a four hour time period. This should be calculated on the basis of the water intake observed during a four hour period at the time of planned vaccination on the previous day.

Pigs will generally drink 8 to 12% of their body weight per day, depending on environmental temperatures. The actual amount of water consumed may vary considerably depending on several factors.

It is essential for the efficacy of the product that pigs receive at least the recommended dose.

It is recommended to add skimmed milk powder or sodium thiosulfate solution as a stabiliser into the drinking water prior to adding the vaccine.

The final concentration of the skimmed milk powder should be 2.5g/litre.

The final concentration of sodium thiosulfate should be approximately 0.055g/l. After filling of the calculated water amount into the trough, sodium thiosulphate or skimmed milk powder should be added to the water.

Afterwards, the vaccine is to be diluted either in the water / skimmed milk or in the water / thiosulphate mixture in the trough.

Zero days.

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