Covexin 8 250ml

Covexin 8 250ml
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For the active immunisation of sheep and cattle from 2 weeks of age against disease associated with infections caused by C. perfringens Type B, C. perfringens Type C, C. perfringens Type D, C. chauvoei, C. novyi Type B, C. septicum, C. haemolyticum and against tetanus caused by C. tetani.

For passive immunisation of lambs and calves against infections caused by the above mentioned clostridial species (except C. haemolyticum in sheep). Onset of immunity is two weeks after the primary course.

Sheep and lambs over 8 weeks of age: 5 ml initial dose followed by a 2 ml dose 6 weeks later.

Lambs 2-8 weeks of age, from unvaccinated ewes or ewes of unknown vaccination status: 2 ml initial dose followed by a second dose 4-6 weeks later.

Cattle of all ages: 5 ml initial dose followed by a second 5 ml dose 6 weeks later.

Milk: Zero days Meat: Zero days

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Covexin 8



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