Toxovax 50 dose

Toxovax 50 dose
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Uses For the active immunisation of susceptible breeding female sheep to reduce the effects of infection by Toxoplasma gondii, namely early embryonic death, barrenness and abortion.

Vaccination with Toxovax is known to protect for at least two lambing seasons.

Dose: 2 ml by intramuscular injection. 

Basic vaccination Animals should be given a single dose at least 3 weeks prior to mating. Ewe lambs, where it is intended to breed from them, may be vaccinated from 5 months of age. Shearlings and older ewes should be vaccinated during the 4 month period prior to mating.

Re-vaccination After 2 years, a single dose at least 3 weeks prior to mating.

Meat: 42 days.

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