Baycox 25mg/ml Poultry Oral Solution 1L

Baycox 25mg/ml Poultry Oral Solution 1L
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2.5%w/v (25mg/ml) toltrazuril


For the treatment of coccidiosis in Broilers and Broiler Breeders. Baycox is effective against Eimeria acervulina, E. brunetti, E. maxima, E. necatrix, E. tenella, E. mitis.

Administration: via the drinking water

Dosage: Baycox is mixed in the drinking water before use. Gentle mixing is required. Proportioning systems may be used (see Pharmaceutical Precautions). The recommended dose rate is 7 mg toltrazuril per kg bodyweight per day given for 2 consecutive days. This corresponds to: 28 ml Baycox 2.5% Solution (equivalent to 700 mg toltrazuril) per 100 kg of bodyweight per day for 2 consecutive days.

As a guide for usage this is normally equivalent to 25 ppm (equivalent to 1 ml Baycox 2.5% Solution) per litre of drinking water for continuous medication over 48 hours, or to 75 ppm (equivalent to 3 ml Baycox 2.5%) per litre of drinking water given for 8 hours per day, on 2 consecutive days.  

Treatment Regimen

Curative Treatment Chicken: One medication period (over 2 days). Only make up sufficient drinking water for requirements. After calculations of the required amount of product, this volume should be carefully dispensed from the container into a domestic measuring jug reserved and labelled specifically for the purpose. Measurement must be made carefully to ensure correct dosage. Product must not be stored in the jug.

Meat: 18 days

Do not use in birds producing eggs for human consumption.

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