Farmacy / Sterimatic Jab Box

Farmacy / Sterimatic Jab Box
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The Farmacy Jab Box has been carefully designed to include many of the items required to treat or vaccinate livestock. The heavy duty 21" box has an internal tray and a webbing strap to attach to a fence or crush for ease of use and to keep it out of the muck. Keep everything stored safely as box is lockable with a combination padlock.

With everything in one place it's easier to make sure that you are never out of stock of needles and syringes.

To start you off the box comes complete with the following items.

  • Disposable Syringes in a plastic box - 5 x 2ml, 10 x 5ml, 10 x 10ml, 2 x 20ml, 3 x 30ml
  • Sterimatic Protect-a-Bottle - for 100ml bottles with 2 stericaps and a lanyard
  • Sterimatic 250/500ml Bottle Protector - collar for 32mm diameter bottles and 1 stericap
  • Sterimatic 2ml Bottle Mount Vaccination Gun (300 dose, 12mm, 18G)
  • Needle Spanner
  • Sterimatic refill pack (500 dose, 12mm, 18G)
  • Syringe Lubrication Oil 10ml dropper bottle
  • Vaccine Cool-bag - 19 x 14.5 x 12.5 cm
  • 0.25l Sharps Box
  • 5 pairs Nitrile Gloves
  • Pen & A6 Notepad
  • Padlock

The sterimatic automatic needle sanitisation system reduces cross infection, reduces bacterial build-up on the needle so preventing abcessing and infection at the injection site and reduces the risk of self injection.

The system is proven to:

  • Reduce infection and abscessing
  • Reduce disease transmission
  • Reduce needle-stick injuries
  • Reduces needle damage



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