Green Credentials

Our Green Credentials...

...Farmacy goes green and supports the British sheep industry

In the early days of Farmacy we used white polystyrene insulated boxes, silicone cell ice packs, plastic bags and bubble wrap. This was an excellent way to ensure controlled temperature but not very environmentally friendly!

We have teamed up with an award-winning insulated packaging manufacturer, who makes an innovative product from British sheep's wool - Woolcool®.

Woolcool® provides the recycled, recyclable, biodegradable and sustainable alternative to polystyrene insulated boxes which allows Farmacy to provide a more eco-friendly direct delivery service to its customers across the UK. Switching to Woolcool®, Farmacy made a positive step to reducing non-biodegradable polystyrene packaging waste that would otherwise go to landfill. You can even reuse your Woolcool® liners around the home or office, for lagging pipes, lining hanging baskets or keeping your pets warm and cozy.

Woolcool® is made from 100% British sheep's wool which has unique natural insulation properties for maintaining stable temperatures incredibly effectively. Wool is simply washed, scoured and felted to create entirely natural, fleecy insulation which is sealed within recyclable food-grade wrap. The Woolcool® insulation is then used as liners for recyclable cardboard delivery boxes which keep chilled contents cool, below 5°c for at least 72 hours, even more effectively than polystyrene.

Where possible we reduce plastic use further with shredded paper waste. We now shred all our non-sensitive waste paper plus the waste from several other businesses here on the farm.

Using a national courier network helps to reduce the number of individual trips made to move medicines from us to you. Hundreds of parcels can be loaded into one lorry which delivers to a central hub. The parcels are sorted and sent out in a fleet of vans often making 100 deliveries per day. With fuel costs as high as they are it is in the interest of these companies to make every route as short as they possibly can!


We are committed to driving down the carbon foot print of our business!