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Protexin Acid EaseProtexin Acid Ease
Protexin Acid Ease
Protexin Acid Ease is a palatable probiotic and prebiotic to help calm excess acid. Acid Ease is a unique, concentrated, palatable combination of calcium and magnesium carbonate, fibre, kaolin, amino acid and Protexin probiotics and prebiotics. Acid Ease aids in calming excess acid in all horses and weaned foals.
from £41.58 (VAT exempt)
Protexin Gut BalancerProtexin Gut Balancer
Protexin Gut Balancer
Protexin Gut Balancer is an everyday palatable probiotic and prebiotic powder, specifically designed for horses and ponies. Use daily for general wellbeing, to normalise digestive function and efficiency, and for equines prone to digestive upsets.
from £15.00 (VAT exempt)

Protexin Gut Bind for Foals 30ml
Protexin Gut Bind for Foals 30ml
Protexin Gut Bind is a palatable paste containing probiotics, prebiotics and pectin formulated to settle a disrupted gut. Gut Bind is a two day course of probiotics, prebiotics, kaolin and pectin designed to settle a foal's disrupted gut. Also suitable for horses.
£15.00 (VAT exempt)
Protexin Gut Sponge 1.5kg
Protexin Gut Sponge 1.5kg
Gut Sponge is a palatable, peppermint flavoured supplement containing psyllium husks, a prebiotic and valuable energy source for the horse due to its fermentation by the microbiota. This provides safe calories, promotes the growth of friendly bacteria and nourishes the gut lining cells. The high fibre psyllium husks absorb water in the gut, coating and protecting the gut lining and helping the production...
£31.00 (VAT exempt)

Protexin Quick Fix Syringe 30ml
Protexin Quick Fix Syringe 30ml
Protexin Quick Fix is a highly concentrated probiotic and prebiotic paste to help maintain healthy digestive function during periods of stress such as travelling, competition and worming. It helps to rapidly re-establish the horses gut microflora. Key Benefits: Especially useful to help repopulate the gut microflora during a short-term antibiotic course. Promotes normalisation of the...
£8.60 (VAT exempt)